Mortgage repayments about to skyrocket?

See if you can get a better home loan deal

See how your current mortgage stacks up against 20+ other lenders, with a free and independent home loan assessment from Tella.

When interest rates keep increasing

It’s hard to know what to do with your mortgage

Until now, there’s only been three ways to see how your current home loan stacks up against other options.

option one

Ask your current lender

You can ask your bank to offer you a better deal. Like a sharper rate, or a cash contribution for sticking with them.

But it’s unlikely they’ll tell you about a better deal at another bank.

option two

Go from bank to bank yourself

You can talk to three or four different banks directly to see what they’re willing to offer you.

But that’ll mean setting up meetings, taking time off during work hours, and playing hardball with lenders.

option three

Talk to a broker

You can talk to a regular mortgage broker who deals with several banks so you’ll get an idea of your different options.

But if you don’t proceed, some brokers will charge a fee for their time.

When you’re making a decision as important as your home loan, you want to know all your options.

“My wife and I approached Tella about our refinancing as we were putting it off, wondering what to do in this ever changing market.

Ben quickly identified our needs and gave us some recommendations within 24 hours.

Long story short, we decided to roll over with our current bank but through Tella we got a substantial rebate!”

five stars

Neil Cording

There's an easier way

Decide if you should switch or stick with your current lender

Go from confused to confident at home loan renewal time. Get all your home loan options in one place. See everything. From the most competitive interest rates to any added extras you might be eligible for. Like a $3,000+ cashback incentive.

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Tella takes the hassle out of making the right decision about your home loan

Find out if your mortgage is working for you, with a free and independent assessment from a Tella Home Loan Expert.

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Worried about interest rates?

See the best deals

No time to deal with dozens of lenders? Your Tella Home Loan Expert does all the legwork. They’ll show you the most competitive interest rates available from our panel of 20+ lenders.

Need Help?

Get expert 1:1 support and advice

Your Home Loan Expert will shine a light on the dozens of details that can make a real difference to the size of your home loan repayments and the time it takes to pay off your mortgage.

Can I get a cash incentive?

See if you’re eligible for a cash incentive worth up to 1% of your home loan value - which could mean an extra $3-25,000 to you.

You are eligible for up to 1% cashback, that is $6,890.

Could my bank give me a better deal?

Find out if your current lender is willing to match an offer from another provider. So you don’t need to switch providers.

Great news! The bank is matching the offer.

How can I protect myself against future interest rate increases?

Find out if your current lender is willing to match an offer from another provider. So you don’t need to switch providers.

Here's three options for structuring your loan.

A++++ service

“With mortgage rates changing we approached Tella.

With Chrishana working alongside us, we were able to secure a good interest rate and got supporting advice from start to finish.

Now our financial forecast is even better than before. Highly recommend A+++ service.”

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Teressa Ah Fook

Made sealing the deal easy

“I put Tella up against my incumbent bank in a 1v1 showdown when refinancing a mortgage.

They offered a fast, complete, and clear product that my bank of 5 years simply couldn't match.

The service Chrishana provided was one of the main features. She provided a concise proposal that made sealing the deal very easy.

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Joe Schumacher

Reach out to a real person

Book a free chat with a Home Loan Expert today to see how your home loan stacks up against 20+ other options.


See the best interest rates available


Learn if you’re eligible for a cash contribution


Find out if repayments can be made more manageable


See how to protect yourself from future rate fluctuations


Discover if restructuring your mortgage is right for you