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Refinance Calculator

Calculate your home loan break fees to see if its worth refinancing.


Choose your new lender


Cash Back:
New bank's client incentive
Break Fee:
The cost of breaking your fixed rate loan portion
Legal Fees:
The cost of moving your mortgage to a new bank
Estimated Cost/Benefit:-$1,295
The above is an estimate based on publicly available information. Only the financial institution that holds the loan(s) can give an exact early repayment cost(s) valid for the current day. This calculation assumes a current 90 Day Bill rate of 4.91%.

The above refinance calculator is for indicative purposes only and it is recommended that you check with your provider on home loan break costs, also referred to as Early Repayment Costs, and any previously received (if any) cash contributions that are required to be repaid on refinancing.

When considering refinancing, all aspects should be considered, interest rates, bank fees, incentives and associated legal costs.
A cash incentive may not be as beneficial as a lower interest rate and using a home loan affordability calculator to compare is recommended.

To complete the calculator, chose your current lender and fill in all loan details. Adding additional loans if required. Fixed term start date refers to the current fixed loan and time it was fixed in for. Not that date the loan was taken.
The 'Prepayment date' refers to the approximate date that you would refinance or break a fix loan.

Variable or floating home loans do not have a break cost and can be added with a 0 (zero) month term.

Selecting a new bank under "Choose your new lender" will show potential incentives. Cash incentives are generally only advised on approval and do vary based on the new loan amount, purchase and Loan to Value Ratio (LVR).

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