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Resimac is a homeloan lender that has been firmly established in NZ since 2012. The parent company, Resimac Group, is based in Australia and has been in operation since 1985.
Resimac provides home lending solutions that are suitable for employed, self employed, property investors, international clients and credit impaired.

Resimac prides themselves on having a more practical approach with assessment rather than strict servicing calculators. Due to the different options for approval, based on proof of income provided and credit checks, Resimac interest rates vary and are categorised under four homeloan product types.

  • Standard Prime Full Documention
  • Standard Prime Alternative Documention
  • Specialist Rates Full documention
  • Specialist Rates Alternative documention

Specialist rates may apply for those that have had previous credit issues.

Resimac is different to a bank and does not provide everyday account options. Clients of Resimac keep their existing banking where it is and make repayments to Resimac for the lending from their existing banks current accounts. A login is provided to access the resimac website to be able maintain home loan balances and transactions.

Resimac charge an application fee, currently $399 for approval. An authority to debit a card or make payment will be provided at time of application and charged on approval.


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