Switching Banks

Switching Banks

Webinar: Don't just roll-over...Refinance

There's a lot to consider when it comes to refinancing and here we've got Ben and Andrew from Tella, along with Sarah from the One Up Project sitting down to chat about all things refinance. They'll cover off the answers to questions such as:

  • Why might you refinance?
  • How might the current environment around interest rates and cost of living affect this decision?
  • Are there financial benefits to refinancing? Cash incentives? Costs of refinancing?
  • How will my lifestyle changes affect refinancing.
  • What’s involved in refinancing? and
  • What tools does Tella have available to help me make an informed decision?

If you're still unsure and have some questions, why not get in touch, either via our chat bubble at the bottom of our website (www.tella.co.nz), or email us on hello@tella.co.nz or phone 0800 4 TELLA (83552).

Click here for the webinar