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Checklist: Going Unconditional

You’ve signed your conditional sales & purchase agreement. What needs to be done to make this unconditional? The checklist we’ve created will help you go from conditional to committing to an unconditional offer. Once you’ve done that, there’s no turning back!

Finance Requirements

☐ Have you met all bank or lending requirements noted on your conditional letter of offer for lending?

☐ Has the unconditional letter of offer been sent to your lawyer to confirm finance is available and ready for drawdown when required?

☐ Have you obtained a Registered Valuation if required by the bank?

☐ Do you know how you can pay your deposit and whether your KiwiSaver provider is able to provide you with a pay out for deposit? Keep in mind that you will likely need to pay 10% upon going unconditional

☐ Are you able to rely on a Home Start Grant?

Legal and Professional Requirements

☐ Have you met and confirmed with your lawyer that all is in order?

☐ Have you obtained any property reports required, such as builders report, registered valuation and methamphetamine or other dangerous substances tests, obtained a LIM report and the certificate of title and reviewed these with your lawyer?

☐ Have you queried all additional clauses or points of concern on the sale and purchase agreement?

☐ Have you met with other trusted professionals such as your accountant?


☐ Have your home loan documents been generated and sent to your lawyer?

☐ Have you been quoted for, and confirmed insurance requirements?

☐ Have you understood the title and all the unique features of the property and obtained sufficient documentation with regards to maintenance or work done to repair the house to date?

☐ Has a registered valuation and builders report been issued to you? This may need to be prepared and addressed to you for lending or insurance purposes.

☐ Have you completed the lenders cash contribution form and been told when and where this will be paid?


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