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Sign on the dotted line

Going unconditional

You’ve sent the seller your conditional offer which they’ve accepted, and you now have a signed sale and purchase agreement. Where to from here?

Pay your deposit

In most cases, a 10% deposit is required once both parties sign the sale and purchase agreement.

Work through any conditions

If you have added conditions to the offer such as a financing clause, or getting a satisfactory builders report you will have to complete these before a date agreed with the seller (and as set out in the sale and purchase agreement).

When all the conditions have been met, the sale becomes unconditional.

What if something goes wrong after my offer is accepted?

Hopefully your lawyer will be working with you through the conditions. If you come across any issues, whether it’s arranging financing or finding problems in your builders report, let your lawyer know as soon as possible. You may be able to withdraw from the sale if you’ve specified these conditions in the sale and purchase agreement.

Once all the conditions are met then the offer is unconditional and settlement must go through on the specified date.

Prepare for settlement

Once your offer has gone unconditional, there are a few more things to organise before the sale goes through and you can move in. See our ‘Getting Ready for Settlement’ guide for more information.


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